Midwest carpet offroad series Race one

October 8, 2022

Midwest Carpet Offroad Series

Race one at Larry’s Performance RC, Shelby Township MI

88 entries

Photos are courtesy of FC Foto, John Johnson and David Hart

BRCC racers that made the trip

Tim Collins (17.5 2wd and 13.5 stadium truck)

Zachary Kohler (17.5 2wd and 13.5 stadium truck)

Brett Cole (21.5 2wd and 13.5 stadium truck)

Brian Hoagland (Wild Hog) (17.5 2wd and 13.5 stadium truck)

Bobby Coleman (Excel RC) (17.5 2wd and 13.5 stadium truck)

Bob Coleman (Excel RC) (21.5 2wd)

Eric Joye (21.5 2wd and 13.5 stadium truck)

The day started with a crazy drive through all the construction in the Metro Detroit area. I-94 was closed with a detour down Michigan Ave and back to I-94. Once past that, we noticed signs stating I-75 north was closed. You guessed it, another detour. The construction didn't stop there. The detour was through more construction. It's October, so I guess one could argue orange construction barrels fit the season. One good thing was, south bound I-75 was open. Getting home would be much easier.

Once we made it to Larry’s Performance RC we had work to do. The turf at Larry’s is much different from the high bit industrial carpet BRCC runs on. The track is roughly twice the size in length and width. This isn’t a bad thing. The different track surfaces and sizes will make this series fun.

We all seemed to struggle a bit through the first and second rounds of qualifying. By the third round we could get around the track consistently, but it didn’t come without changing gearing, ride heights, motors and whatever else we could find in our box to help. Yet we still had smiles on our faces and enjoyed being at the race track as Team Green.

After the qualifying rounds there was a short break. During this break they gave out door prizes. Tim, Zachary and Bobby won. Bobby won one of the big items, a Losi JRX2. They had some good stuff, Pit Boss stand, gift card from Darkside Designs etc. It’s super cool that a few of our guys took home prizes.

We started the mains with Bobby and Tim in 17.5 2wd buggy D main. Unfortunately, they didn’t have the results they were looking for and didn’t get the bump to the C main. Next up would be Brian and Zachary in 17.5 2wd C main. They both put in solid runs, but only Brian “Wild Hog” would advance to the B main where his race to the top would end. The next race was 13.5 stadium truck B main where half the field was BRCC with Zachary, Tim and Bobby. Zachary took one of the two bump spots to the A main where he would battle with three other BRCC racers, but before that battle, we had the 21.5 2wd A main. 21.5 was packed with close racing all day and the A main wasn’t any different. This was another main that half the starting lineup was BRCC racers. Eric would finish second after a long 7 minute battle with third place finisher Ryan from Finish Line. Brett and Bob would round out the A main with fifth and sixth place finishes. The last race BRCC would be a part of for the event would be 13.5 stadium truck A main. Yet again half the starting lineup would be BRCC racers with Wild Hog starting fourth, Brett fifth, Eric sixth and Zachary eighth. After another 7 minute main, Eric would move up one position to fifth while Brett dropped one to sixth. Wild Hog and Zachary would finish where they started, fourth and eighth.

At the end of the day we're thankful and blessed regardless of how we finished. The memories made at this event can’t be replaced.

All of us at Belleville RC Club couldn’t be more happy with how Team Green represented at this event. We’re not just a club, we’re family.

We can’t wait for the next race of the series at EN Hobbies in Columbus, Ohio on November 12th. If you're interested in going please reach out. We’ll answer any questions you may have and do what we can to get you there. The more Team Green the event has, the better.

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